At the Bali Zoo, getting Zoological isn’t just about having exotic animals in eco-friendly habitats, nor is it only about allowing people to be interactive and hands-on, feeding and riding elephants, petting deer, playing with rabbits, and getting up close and personal in holding snakes, baby crocodiles, and bear-cats. And. it is not just about seeing birds shows and lions, tigers and bears up close, it’s all of these things and more.
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“For us, being Zoological is part of our process for creating places and spaces for animals and our guests to enjoy the interaction and connection we have with all living things on the planet, in order to learn to fully appreciate our place in the planet,” says General Manager, Lesmana Putra.
To get Zoological at the Bali Zoo, there are many fun, interactive, programs. Here’s just a few of them :
Dine with the Lions at WANA Restaurant, Lounge & Bar: is open to the public, with no admission to the zoo required. This restaurant is next to our spacious and open Lion habitant, allowing you an interrupted panoramic view, while enjoying a fine Indonesian and western inspired menu. The perfect stop on any trip between Ubud and the South of Bali, to make a full Bali day, feel even fuller. Open daily from 10.00am to 05.00pm.
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Take Care of an Elephant at Mahout for a Day : This one of kind of unique experience is truly interactive as you take care of a Sumatran elephant as part your day at the zoo. It’s the only program like this available in Indonesia. Where participants will learn how to bathe and scrub an elephant, train an elephant and then learn how to drive one, taking it out for test-rides through-out the day, including a 45 minute Elephant Expedition.
Fun and Friendly Petting Zoo: Children of all ages can stay as long as they like in our domesticated animal pen to enjoy petting and feeding our cuddly rabbits, and friendly Timor Deer, and horses.
Get Romantic at Night at the Zoo: Imagine those times when man lived in the jungles of the world, and each evening, the uncertainty of darkness would fall to both man and animal. Begin by feeding the elephants as they are at their most playful at the end of the day. Then get to hold and take pictures with Borneo bear cats, pythons and a freshwater baby crocodile
before touring the zoo, enjoying dinner under the stars and a fire show. This is the perfect fun date night for lovers of all ages, for friends or the whole family – exciting for children of all ages.
Every evening from 06.00pm to 09:30pm.
Jungle Ride from Above at Elephant Rides: Enjoy the view of the tropics and exotic plant collections atop one of the biggest land animals in the world as your ride along Bali’s best elephant trail and visit one of the oldest Balinese temples.
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And Much More… at the Bali Zoo: There’s also a giant Bird Aviary, Bird Shows daily at 11.00am and 03.00pm and of course our giant collection of animals and birds, including many exotic and endangered species for you to enjoy up close.
The Bali Zoo opened in 2002 as the island’s first and only Balinese-owned zoological park.
To book your day at the Bali Zoo fill out the enquiry form on this page, email [email protected] or call +62 (0) 361 283908

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